Is admin/ versioned / branched?

Adriaan de Groot groot at
Mon Jul 4 09:03:47 BST 2005

Is admin/ versioned or branched for older versions of KDE? Or do all checkouts 
get the same admin/ ? See, I've been messing in admin/ to speed up and clean 
up the dox generation, and testing against trunk only. But if the same admin/ 
is applied to branch checkouts, then several things are going to go wrong: 
kdelibs might not have the data files needed to generate the dox nicely; 
names of files have changed a little; there is no common/ symlink any more, 
each *-apidocs/ directory has its own copy of stylesheets &c. 

Those changes are problematic for packagers who like to have stable file lists 
for particular packages (er, does anyone actually _package_ the apidox?). I 
might expect it to cause problems for 3.4.2. Anyway. Does anyone have a 
complete branch checkout who can give it a try?

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