Fwd: NXFish: How to integrate with KDE?

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at gmx.net
Sun Jul 3 02:28:45 BST 2005

I am forwarding this message to the list, so that some more people can
contribute their ideas.

Those of you who already have NX accounts on the OpenUsablitiy.org NX
server (you know who you are), can test the current code in action by
just typing "nxfish:/" into the URL field of Konqui.

What you will see are a few selected resources "mounted" from Fabian's
private box at home (for the purpose of this demo).

The demo shows that nxfish:/ could mount any shared and authenticated 
fish resource on any internet box, from any NX session that is set up
to do so.

The main use case will of course be to transparently access resources
on your local NX client from inside your own NX sessions.


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Subject: NXFish: How to integrate with KDE?
Date: Sunday 03 July 2005 00:38
From: Fabian Franz <FabianFranz at gmx dot de>
To: Cristian Tibirna <tibirna at kde dot org>, 
    Martin Konold <konold at kde dot org>, 
    Thiago Macieira <thiago at kde dot org>, 
    Dirk Mueller <mueller at kde dot org>, 
    Aaron Seigo <aseigo at kde dot org>
Cc: Kurt Pfeifle <kpfeifle at danka dot de>


I have got a problem.

I hacked a bit today, changed three lines in fish.cpp to make it nxfish and 
now have transparent easy file access to certain files on my hard disk.

For those of you having access to the OpenUsability.org NX Server I prepared a 
small demo:

- - Access the a normal KDE session on that server
- - Open up Konqueror
- - Put in nxfish:/

You'll see several "shares" from my home directory.

Indeed bin is a symlink even if its not presented as one and SharedFolder is a 
symlink, while nxfish is an actual folder.

But it gives the impression of shares.

The server it accesses is a modified security-enhanced fish-server, which runs 
on port 6201 (just accessible from localhost) for now ...

Integration with NX will be done that nxfish always points to the right "NX 
Client" on the net, securely tunneled via nxproxy / SOCKS. (See Google Bounty 

 While this would work wonderfully and I'm quite sure SuSE would also do a 
security review on the FISH-Server that you cannot access files outside 
scope, I have got the problem how to integrate it into KDE / NX.

- - Too small changes to be worth forked and maintained separately. (The 
FISH-Server can be maintained seperately)

- - Too specific needs (access to some port where a FISH-Server is running) to 
be integrated into the FISH module (?)

- - Real Access to FISH-Server is done via nxfish-client instead of ssh, which 
at the moment is just a netcat to some port.

Does anyone have any idea how one could integrate this nice and cleanly into 

Perhaps it would be possible to distinguish which behaviour should be taken 
based on if protocol is fish or nxfish (again to specific, any ideas?).

But would it be accepted in SVN and in what way?

FISH together with the Socks-Technology in Development would give us the 
possibiltiy to not only have seamless printing but also have seamless file 
access with an icon on the "Desktop" or so ... (Thanks to the great KDE-IO 

So I need your help to make the Remote Desktop of tomorrow.


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