Daniel Teske teske at squorn.de
Sat Jul 2 14:26:16 BST 2005


The attached patch fixes a bug.
Steps to reproduce:
Start keditbookmarks[1]
Type into the searchline until no item matches.
Delete the last char
Notice that all items are shown.

The problem is in the algorithm.
Assume the following structure:


and the searchline text i1a.
=> No items are visible:
Backspace the last char
=> Searchline text is now i1

checkItemParentsVisible( f1 );
 checks if any children should be visible
 or it matches:
 checkItemParentsVisible( i1 );
   i1 matches now, setVisible is called
   and ignored by QT (because the parent is invisble)
   returns true

 checkItemParentsVisble( i2 );
   return false;

 As a children should be visible:
 => QT calls setVisible() for i1 and i2.

i2 is visible, but doesn't match

The patch fixes it, by making all items visible and then hiding.
I could optimize it, to make less changes to the visibility.

Is this patch okay to commit?


Any other listview with a klistview searchline is affected too, if it 
shows a tree and uses keepParentsVisible = true (the default).
Note: I recently changed keditbookmarks to use a derived version, but 
that doesn't change the bug.
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