Fwd: [RFC] One ioslave to rule them all...

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Jul 1 10:20:20 BST 2005


It would also appear that we need to have: "System" on the toolbar next 
to "Home" by default and I can't seem to do that in 3.4.1+.

The: "Go" menu should probably be rearranged to correspond to what is 
in: "System:/":

	  ...              >    Applications
	--------------------    Documents
	Autostart               Network Folders
	Most Often Visited      Settings
	--------------------    Storage Media
	About:Blank             Trash

Yes I changed this a little.  Specifically: "Documents" replaced "Home". 
  Users don't need to go to their $HOME directories except to do 
administration.  What they do need to do is to go to the directory which 
is the root directory of where they store their documents.

This is also true for the Konqueror "about/launch.html".  "Documents" 
should replace "Home".

Note that: "Remote Places" != "Network Folders".  These need to have the 
same name and: "Remote Places" is TOO dumb.  All the names in "system:/" 
should match the names in the Konqueror "Go ->   ..." sub-menu.


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