Debugging KParts

ian geiser geiseri at
Mon Jan 31 15:33:22 GMT 2005

 In KDevelop we have a problem when users try to build and develop KParts 
aware applications.  Because of how xmlgui and klibloader operate users must 
install the application before they can debug it.  Most of the time this is 
just an annoyance, but on student lab machines its impossible.  Now I know we 
can play games with KDEDIRS, but I was wondering if there is a simpler way to 
find the parts when they are in the current working directory?  The issue 
with the XMLGUI files is about the same mess, but its even worse when you 
have builddir != srcdir. 

 Any ideas here?   From what I can tell this affects kicker applets and KParts 
based applications with a shell.

 -ian reinhart geiser
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