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Christian Kienle christian-kienle at losg.org
Fri Jan 28 11:16:03 GMT 2005

Hi all,

one question: Did you have a look at Spotlight before talking about the 
integration of a kde wide search technology/widget? Spotlight is a new 
search technology from apple. It's really neat.

I have attached an image. There you see in the upper right corner a 
small search field. As soon as you type something in the app 
automatically starts to search and displays the results as soon as it 
can. This is really nice because sometimes you don't have to type in 
the whole search string you are looking for because the results are 
shown before you have finished typing.

But - Spotlight is even more. Have a look at the apple website - its 
described there and I really suggest to have a look at it before going 
on with the discussion.

And I think that the integration of an integrated search should be 
really easy for kde developers - somethink like this:

KSearchTechnology *searchIt = new KSearchsearchIt(parentWidget);

And that should it be.

Please keep that in your mind. :)

Best Regards, Christian Kienle (QtForum.org)

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On Jan 18, 2005, at 11:05 pm, Benjamin Meyer wrote:

> I noticed that a number of KDE applications have begun to sprout 
> simple search
> capability within the main window/toolbar.  For example Konq, KMail,
> KAddressBook and others.  It might be handy to make a common KDE search
> widget so that this simple search will look consistant across the 
> desktop.
> Before embarking on making one or enhancing one I figured it would be 
> wise to
> solicit suggestions for code already in cvs that would be perfect for 
> this.
> From looking in kdelibs I see KListViewSearchLine and 
> KIconViewSearchLine
> which look like helper functions for ListView and IconView and really 
> should
> probably inherit from a common basic search widget (with the pretty 
> search
> graphic, list saving/restoring, and clear).
> -Benjamin Meyer
> -- 
> aka icefox
> Public Key: http://www.icefox.net/public_key.asc

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