serious problem with automatic shortcuts

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Fri Jan 28 13:32:14 GMT 2005

Am Friday 28 January 2005 14:20 schrieb Andras Mantia:
> The real problem was that suddenly tab names had accelerators which 
> broke the behavior of Quanta, which in some cases relies on tab names. 
> I fixed now, but this means that Quanta < 3.4 will be partially broken 
> on KDE 3.4. Not that big loss, just that it's a little behavioral 
> incompatibility.
Yes, but I'm willing to pay this price for having consistent key accelerators.
And it's again one of the reasons why I like having KDE releases as bundles
of libs and apps ;)

But as I said: quanta is not alone in trusting tab titles, so maybe it's too
dangerous to change the default there. If someone has an idea how to solve
this, let me hear it. 

Greetings, Stephan

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