serious problem with automatic shortcuts

Jens Herden jens at
Fri Jan 28 10:58:26 GMT 2005


the KDE libraries now automaticly generate keyboard shortcuts in a tabwidget 
and in KMDI and I experience problems with it. 

First Quanta relies on the names of the tabs for some functionality and the 
added '&' breaks this. Might be not a good coding style, I know, but thats 
the situtation right now. 

Second I see very strange results in the implementation of KMDI. If I use 
Quanta with Icon only for the toolview I see:
- the '&' is inserted when I first open the toolview and is visible in the 
tooltip (very ugly)
- the chosen character does change when I switch between different toolviews! 
- the only thing I can do with this shortcut is closing the toolview. Even if 
the shortcut seems to be assigned from a previous opening it is not possible 
to open the toolview.

All this makes this fearture very questionable. 
Is it possible to disable this? If not I would suggest to remove it again from 
KDE 3.4 and introduce this in KDE 4.0 with an option for the developer to do 


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