rotation shortcuts patch for khistorycombo

David Faure faure at
Tue Jan 25 09:41:50 GMT 2005

On Monday 24 January 2005 13:55, Felix Berger wrote:
> Hi,
> IMO this is a trivial patch that makes sure the alternate shortcuts work too 
> for rotation in the khistorycombo box. Can anyone commit this, please?

Applied, thanks.
(Do you want a CVS account? If so please follow the instructions at )

> This could be remedied by instantiating a KAccel object for each of the 
> widgets (kcolorbutton.cpp, kcombobox.cpp, keditcl1.cpp, klineedit.cpp, 
> ktextedit.cpp):

That seems like the only solution to me.

> Another solution would be to implement the concatenation of keys to 
> keysequences in every keyPressEvent() method or create some kind of generic  
> class that handles this somehow for us.

Hmm. I wonder what Ellis thinks :). But it would mean two implementations
of the KAccelBase/KAccelPrivate code, I'm not sure if that's a good idea.
Unless we can really reuse the existing code. But I can't seem to pinpoint 
where the code does that concatenation right now... Or is done in Qt?

> I think we should do something about it, after all, we already offer multi key 
> shortcuts to the users without any restrictions or caveats.


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