sqlite in kdelibs

Ian Reinhart Geiser ian at geiseri.com
Sun Jan 23 00:17:09 GMT 2005

On Saturday 22 January 2005 17:59, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> For me it's end of "SQLite or Kexi deps in KDE libs" topic. I did not try
> to enforce one vision because I know a bit more than average what are DB
> apps internal requirements. Let future developments prove what is better
> for which purpose...
Please don't use kexi as an example ;)

As a side note I am thinking the QtSQL version is going to be more reliable 
since its driven by client demand.  People who actually are using it are 
asking for the features.  Why do you think its gotten the attention it has? 
While I admire your passion here, I think its possibly the worst plan of 
attack to even think about moving a very immature prototype into KDE libs vs 
something that has a few years under its belt in industry.    If people want 
to use your lib let them... once its been battle tested for a few years then 
we can talk.

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