Toolbar Config [Was: sane defaults]

Anders Lund anders at
Thu Jan 20 08:53:15 GMT 2005

On Thursday 20 January 2005 00:15, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Yah, so the problem really is in the help system.  Rather then "Contents
> Plugins" how about "Plugins Handbook"?

Absolutely, I realized that after I send that screenshot - i thought it was 
that :p

> > "<appname> Handbook" should really be short enough, but it will seem
> > redundant in the toolbar of cause.
> Yah, and either way this one is kinda moot sense you don't typically put
> the Help in the toolbar.

No, hopefully not. Some applications does though.

A point I was hoping to make was don't put short over meaningfull/Exact.


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