kdelibs: kwhatsthis manager b0rken

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at gmx.net
Wed Jan 19 19:18:35 GMT 2005

During aKademy mornfall hacked the kwhatsthismanager. But it 
doesnt work any longer.

kwhatsthismanager found the missing WhatsThis entries in the 
GUI and let the user send a mail with a suggested new WhatsThis 

By default this mail would be going to kde-quality (which is not
the best idea). 

kwhatsthismanager was enabled in kdelibs for a while after 
aKademy when compiling HEAD. Since around beginning of December
(at least for me) it doesnt appear to work any longer. From
the CVS log I cant figure which commit changed this behaviour.

Before you scream: I DO NOT want to have it enabled again in

I just want to know how I can enable it for myself. (I have
used a changed version which sent the email to myself, so I 
had a reminder and all the info needed to implement a patch

My intention is to make KDEPrint "WhatsThis-complete" in the 
course of the next 2 weeks.

kwhatsthismanager was a *very* convenient way to look quickly 
for all spots which missed WhatsThis-es, and at the same tim
giving me hints where in the source I should look to add it. 
Without this help, I can do much less. I've committed myself
to do it for KDEPrint -- I may do even more if I have a tool
that makes me more productive.

  Please, please -- someone help me re-enable 
  whatsthismanager for my local HEAD compilation!

Ideally, it should be an option where it could be enabled 
"on demand" via kdebugdialog (and again deployed in KDE).


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