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Brad Hards bradh at
Wed Jan 19 10:43:06 GMT 2005

I was looking through one of those "enterprise" IT magazines (where they call 
it ICT, or something like that), and it had a comparison of email management 
tools. On closer inspection, email management just means better searching and 
perhaps archiving.

KMail already has searching, as do most other email tools. The difference is 
indexing. My LUG recently had a presentation from Michael Cohen (author of a 
forensics tool called pyFlag), on the indexing approach - see For 
those familiar, it uses a trie structure.

I understand that there is some work on indexing / linking strategies in KDE 
(as discussed by Scott Wheeler at aKademy). Does anyone have a useable search 
system with Qt/KDE like API? Plugin indexers? Indexing in multiple languages 
(does /usr/share/dict/words exist for all the languages we support)?

Progress? Thoughts?

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