kio_locate for KDE-3.4

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Wed Jan 19 00:48:25 GMT 2005

I noticed that the kio_locate

"wishlist" item has been closed as "invalid". The kio_locate
developer had created it outside KDE and asked then for it to
be included into the  3.4 release.

In case you you dont know it: kio_locate is a frontend to
"locate" and works in Konqui's address bar or in the file open
dialog. It supports some filtering and regular expressions,
and a case-insensitive search (by "ilocate:") too.

Everyone who sees it (and who uses locate on the
commandline) loves it because it can save so much time when
searching for a file to be opened.

The way it was handled in bugzilla was very unfortunated, if 
not even quite rude (to say the least).

It is my impression that the new developer of kio_locate 
didnt know how to "correctly apply" for its inclusion into
KDE proper.

Is it possible to include kio_locate into 3.4, please? It
collected quite a few votes, while it was open in bugzilla,
and it ranks very high on I dont think it can
introduce any instabilities into the release, even if it
is so late in the release cycle.

But it could for sure give us an additional nice little gem
into the 3.4 crown.


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