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Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Tue Jan 18 21:41:35 GMT 2005

Printing from Konqui sucks very often. (Printing from other
browser also sucks).

The one single measure that could make it so much better would
be if we could choose to select a bigger (or smaller) standard
text font.

Currently in most cases, the printout is too small to be really

We can re-render on the fly the fontsizes for on-screen display 
(the famous disputed zoom buttons in the Konqui toolbar) -- why
cant we have *any* degree of control for printouts?

khtml somehow has unpredictable results. Sometimes it seems to
depend on an image on the same website which gets resized to make
it fit on the paper -- and along with it the font gets resized
too. I sometimes get printouts as small as 3 pt in some cases.
Thanks god there is the "preview" options in kprinter to avoid
disappointment when seeing the result on paper.

Sometimes it helps to just select "landscape" -- and magically
the font size increases by some degree.

I think that kate developers have solved this very nicely. All
kudos to them! Look at their kprinter dialog extension (see
screenshot attached.) 

Kate now even gives me the option to define my own printing 
profiles, and give them the names I like (where I mainly can 
select the font face and the font size), which then make it into 
a drop-down menu in kprinter. This makes kate the best text 
printing application on any platform I know, far better than 
what I know from Windows!

I believe the possibility to define application specific kprinter
extensions should be used more often in the future. They can make
up a very feature-rich framework for printing.

As for khtml printing, for now I would be extremely happy if...

 ....there would just be a button/spinbox to control basic text font
 ....(Next would come: heading font sizes, and image scaling -- but 
     that has lower priority. I need to be able to at least *read* 
     the text of printouts).

Controlling font sizes for printing AFAIK cant be done by *any*
browser on the market. You have to take what you get. Fixing this
bug for Konqui could give us one more edge over the competition.

Is there any chance to have this fixed for 3.4 still?

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