[PATCH] Doc ammendment for KXMLGUIClent

Max Howell max.howell at methylblue.com
Tue Jan 18 19:12:48 GMT 2005

Having spent a while trying to figure out why amaroK shortcuts didn't update 
when you used the KKeyDialog, I discovered that you need to call 
KActionCollection::setWidget( QWidget* ) on the KXMLGUIClient 
actionCollection. (We don't use KMainWindow)

I enclose the attached documentation patch so that others may avoid the same 


PS. is the policy for updating kdelibs docs that patches should always be 
checked first? I'd commit a lot more little tips like this if I didn't need 
to have them peer-reviewed first. Although of course that could be just as 
Max Howell; MK, UK; http://www.methylblue.com/
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