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Jason Keirstead jason at
Tue Jan 18 13:43:39 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 18 January 2005 6:16 am, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> And the "Clear URL bar" button, usefull when one want to paste something
> with the mouse.

Definitely. The lack of a "Clear URL" button is probably the thing I can't 
stand most about firefox

> And the "L&ocation" label, which give the user the alt+o shortcut.

You don't need this, CTRL+L works fine.

> IMO, the URL  bar should stay untouched.

I dunno, I have always thought the "Location:" label is a bit redundant. I 
mean, who does not know that that field in a web browser is the location? I 
for one always disable it, it is one of the first things I do. 

Just for reference: Firefox and Safari have no label for this field, but IE 
and Opera do. However, IE and Opera both call it "Address:".

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