sane defaults (security icons)

Max Howell max.howell at
Mon Jan 17 04:34:20 GMT 2005

Cristian Tibirna wrote:
> I think the locked padlock should be enough, even if it's not easy to
> distinguish from an unlocked one. It's only that it should be placed at
> left, just before the url icon. It's more obvious there, I believe, because
> it's where we start to read. Perhaps 1-3 loops of a suggestive animation on
> this padlock icon (plus an eventual suggestive sound effect, if sound
> themes are activated by the user) would help too.

The reason the colouring works so well is it is a big chunk of colour which is 
easy to notice and acknowledge, a padlock in the statusbar isn't nearly so, 
nor the toolbarbutton.

Putting the padlock on the left wouldn't be clear since this is where the site 
favourite icons go.

It is of course important to make this work with all colour schemes, but this 
can be done with a fairly simple contrast check. You can quite easily modify 
the text colour slightly to make it visible. The results would also look 
quite effective. If I volunteer the patch can the coloured backing stay? 
Despite what some people seem to think this is a good feature IMO.

Max Howell; MK, UK;

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