sane defaults (security icons)

George Staikos staikos at
Sun Jan 16 22:05:22 GMT 2005

On Sunday 16 January 2005 16:27, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Konqueror now has the coloured location bar when visiting SSL
> websites.
> This means there are now three indicators that the site is encrypted,
> the toolbar icon, the location bar and the status bar.
> I think the toolbar icon should be removed.

   For the (n+1)th time, in KDE 4 the toolbar icon will be removed.  
""Usability"" has only a fraction to do with this functionality, and IMHO 
(and as maintainer of this code also), the most important two places for 
displaying this are the context menu (frames / embedding) and the statusbar 
(split views).  The location bar doesn't really change anything.  I also 
don't like the idea of changing the the historic location of this in minor 
revisions.  Yes we have it in too many places now, but that is not a reason 
to switch.  The fact we have it in too many places is a consequence of people 
wanting to switch.

  Oh also, the location bar suffers from the same problems that the toolbar 
design suffers from, while adding a new problem that the statusbar and 
toolbars do not.  The location bar makes it difficult to distinguish which 
view is referred to, but it also prevents the user from accessing the SSL 
information.  (I guess that could be added, but it really stretches the 
meaning of the combo.)

George Staikos
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