KSystemTray and Quit

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Sat Jan 15 01:44:44 GMT 2005

hey all...

i just added this to the KSystemTray API:

  * A convenience function to use when a quit is launched from the system 
tray. Provides
     * a consistent set of verbage for the user and should be used by all 
system tray using
     * apps for this consistency.
     * @return returns true if the user confirms the quit, or false if they 
cancel it
     * @since 3.4
    bool confirmQuit();

if your app ships with KDE 3.4 and has a systemtray icon and it doesn't have a 
quit confirmation (e.g. it isn't an editor with a "Save this file?" 
confirmation), it would be good to modified your app to use confirmQuit() 
whenever a quit is requested via the system tray icon. (note: if you pass no 
parent to the system tray, then it gets handled automatically by KSystemTray)


connect(m_systemTray, SIGNAL(quitSelected()), SLOT(systemTrayQuit()));

void MyCoolApp::systemTrayQuit()
	if (m_systemTray->confirmQuit())
		kapp->closeAllWindows(); // or however your app closes

i'm trying to avoid any more "it's too easy to quit from the system tray" bugs 
from people who aren't careful with their mouse.

Aaron J. Seigo
GPG Fingerprint: 8B8B 2209 0C6F 7C47 B1EA  EE75 D6B7 2EB1 A7F1 DB43
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