sane defaults

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Fri Jan 14 19:21:56 GMT 2005

One more thought about this cleanup work:

  We should beware from trying to go for a "button-by-button"
  cloning of other browsers. We should keep some "uniq" KDE
  features in the spotlight.

I think, when stripping down the appearance to a more minimalist
one, there should still be retained some features visible which 
"make KDE different/better/sexier".

This could f.e. be represented by the "Clear Location Bar" button,
and the 2 "Zoom" ones.

No other browser I am aware of has the "Clear location bar" button.
But it is extremely useful in situations where you

 a) have already copied a string (like for a "gg:" search) your
 b) but dont want to clear it by clicking into it and hit delete
    buttons repeatedly
 c) or dont want to highlight everything with the mouse, hit 
    delete.... and have lost what was in the clipboard.

Likewise the zooming. Very hand, often used by people (once they 
learned about them), because many web pages having these completely
invisible small standard fonts for their display models.

When I demo Konqui to Linux newbies, (apart from tabbed browsing)
I always show them zooming and deleting the location bar buttons.
And this is universally liked about konqui.

In fact a collegue of mine is currently in the process of switching
completely to konqui (from Firefox on Linux) because these three
buttons are there (and to be honest, because he can -- and did --
add even more.... He is not an "avarage user", but his interest in
Konqui was sparked by me demo-ing some exactly these capabilities).

Bottom line: 
 --> simplify the defaults as much as you like -- but keep some of
     the uniq KDE features visible, keep retain some gems that 
     serve for KDE's branding!


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