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Fri Jan 14 19:02:14 GMT 2005

On Friday 14 January 2005 11:21, George Staikos wrote:
>    Perhaps not cut/paste, but copy is probably one of the most used tools
> in a browser's toolbar, other than back/forward.  Both my wife (non-techie)
> and I use it very heavily to copy text from web pages and paste into email
> / instant messages / word processors / etc.  If the argument is that
> non-primary functions don't go into the toolbar, then cut and paste can be
> removed, but I don't see how copy can be removed.  Only people with
> photographic memory and no need to communicate don't use copy.

actually, when i did my survey of konqueror toolbar usage that covered a good 
spectrum of users (over 50 of them, weighted a bit towards power users, but 
included several average (non-developer) users) each of the cut/copy/paste 
buttons were practically unused. some did use them , but those that did were 
the minority; most never used them at all.

based on that data i can't see shipping konqueror in a default configuration 
with copy.

interestingly, and for contrast, when comparing "ever use the button" with 
"frequency of usage" it turns out that while the print button is used only 
occasionally (though more than "rarely") it's almost universally used at 
least once in a while. this made printing leap ahead of several other buttons  
which are used often by only few people.

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