sane defaults

Adam Treat manyoso at
Fri Jan 14 18:18:45 GMT 2005

On Friday 14 January 2005 1:21 pm, George Staikos wrote:
> On Friday 14 January 2005 13:25, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > On Thursday 13 January 2005 04:00, George Staikos wrote:
> > >    What's wrong with copy?  And for that matter cut and paste?  They're
> > > usable in forms.
> >
> > yes, but a web browser is not an editor as its primary focus. therefore
> > there is no need for those buttons to be in the toolbar.
> >
> > in fact, in the new HIG i hope to see agreement on not having
> > cut/copy/paste in the toolbar of any window who's primary function is not
> > editting text or graphics.
>    Perhaps not cut/paste, but copy is probably one of the most used tools
> in a browser's toolbar, other than back/forward.  Both my wife (non-techie)
> and I use it very heavily to copy text from web pages and paste into email
> / instant messages / word processors / etc.  If the argument is that
> non-primary functions don't go into the toolbar, then cut and paste can be
> removed, but I don't see how copy can be removed.  Only people with
> photographic memory and no need to communicate don't use copy.

AFAIK, no other web browser defaults to cut/copy/paste buttons in the toolbar.  
You would have us believe that the poor users of these other browsers were 
totally impotent to copy strings!

These are all opinions and everyone has them, but FWIW, I agree with Aaron's 
proposition that toolbars should only have the app's primary functions 
visible by default.  I don't use my web browser to copy things.

Our toolbars are a mess.  Our context menus are a mess.  Even if KDE goes 
WAYYYY overboard in cleaning up these things by hiding toolbars/context menu 
items by default... it hurts very little in the end because 
people/distributions can always reenable them.  And if they can't reenable 
them, then chances are they don't have any business using them.

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