[patch] create link to directory (newmenu)

David Faure faure at kde.org
Thu Jan 13 10:01:54 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 12 January 2005 21:42, Henrique Pinto wrote:
> Em Qua 12 Jan 2005 18:14, Sébastien Laoût escreveu:
> > Le mer 12/01/2005 à 20:22, Martin Koller a écrit :
> > > create new->

Martin's patch looks good, and Sebastien's ideas would improve it even more.

> What about changing "create new" to just "create"? If you create something, it 
> is obviously new. You can't create an old file. "Create New" sounds 
> redundant.

Not sure about this. Yes, it sounds redundant, but I guess we have both because some
people look for "New" in that menu? For me it's always been called the "New menu" :)

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