turning off konq extensions by default

Jason Keirstead jason at keirstead.org
Mon Jan 10 12:43:12 GMT 2005

On Saturday 08 January 2005 3:54 pm, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> And I'm really not convinced that a single one of them should be on by
> default.  For the most part they're semi-confusing, power-user features
> that in fact more or less weren't *designed* to be part of the default
> interface. That's why they're extensions.  I don't think that installing
> kdeaddons is implicitly saying, "Please, turn all of these things on!"  So
> how about it? Got any takers?  ;-)

I am in agreement with you except for kdeaddons.

IMO - Any app *outside of* kdeaddons/konq-plugins should not enable it's 
extention by default.

But any app *inside of* kdeaddons/konq-plugins *should*. The reason is simple 
- if someone is installing a module called "konq-plugins", it should be quite 
obvious what is going on. If someone installed konq-plugins, they would 
expect them to be enabled when installed. If they weren't, people would 
likely surmise that the build or code was broken - I know I would if I 
installed a module or package called "fooapp-plugins" and nothing happened at 

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