turning off konq extensions by default

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sun Jan 9 09:21:35 GMT 2005

On Sunday 09 January 2005 03:07, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Implementation aside, I think if we're going to turn on certain
> "extensions" by default that they probably shouldn't show up in the
> "extensions" configuration.  Right now the menu entry should probably be
> "Stuff you can turn off if it annoys you too much:"

That is the oppersite extremism, which isn't good eiter. One of real users (so 
they say on irc) reasons to like KDE is that it can be configured :o


> Possibly, but I think it's currently way too technical.  I think:
> | Change Browser Identification -> |
>    |==========================|
>    | (o) Default (Konqueror)  |
>    | ( ) Mozilla              |
>    | ( ) Internet Explorer    |
>    | ( ) Safari               |
>    |==========================|
>    | [x] Apply to Entire Site |
>    |==========================|
> Would probably be enough.  Having 30 different options (yes, there are
> currently 30) is pretty clearly more targeted at web developers than at
> normal users.

Absolutely rigt. But the details must be visible, and if we remove all the 
slightly different entries, we could add the ability to define on (there is a 
power user feature).


> >       o HTML settings (prevents users having to deal with the per-domain
> > configuration panel in the Settings dialog)
> Possibly, but I'd say just merge it into Konq proper and put the menu in a
> location that makes more sense anyway...
> But then I'm not really sure that I agree either.  Do most users really
> need to turn these features on and off so often that they should be in the
> menus by default?  Again, committing the terrible sin of using myself as an
> example -- I've never once used these switches.

And if 'most people' don't, it should be removed, or do I get you wrong?

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