turning off konq extensions by default

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sun Jan 9 02:07:51 GMT 2005

On Sunday 09 January 2005 2:27, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Saturday 08 January 2005 12:54, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> > on every plugin in existence for Konq.  In fact, I think we should turn
> > them all off by default.
> there are a few that are very useful to many people. while i certainly
> agree that turning off most of them is a good idea for the reasons you
> state, there's no point in making a default that then forces a large % of
> users to configure Konqueror. "sane defaults", right?

Well, but then they're not really extensions, now are they?  ;-)

And I'm all for sane defaults.  But see, that's the problem with sanity; it's 
ill defined.

Implementation aside, I think if we're going to turn on certain "extensions" 
by default that they probably shouldn't show up in the "extensions" 
configuration.  Right now the menu entry should probably be "Stuff you can 
turn off if it annoys you too much:"

> in particular, the ones that i would recommend keeping on by default are:
> 	o the search bar (though i personal don't use it)

I can give in on this one; I'd mostly forgotten about it.

> 	o the User Agent switcher (quite important for getting the most out of
> konqi when browsing)

Possibly, but I think it's currently way too technical.  I think:

| Change Browser Identification -> |

   | (o) Default (Konqueror)  |
   | ( ) Mozilla              |
   | ( ) Internet Explorer    |
   | ( ) Safari               |
   | [x] Apply to Entire Site |

Would probably be enough.  Having 30 different options (yes, there are 
currently 30) is pretty clearly more targeted at web developers than at 
normal users.

And even then I'm not completely sold.  I'm not sure that anyone but power 
users thinks, "Hey, this isn't rendering properly -- maybe I should change my 
browser identification..."  The only time I ever think to do it is the very 
rare (for me) case when I get something like, "Your browser is not 

> 	o HTML settings (prevents users having to deal with the per-domain
> configuration panel in the Settings dialog)

Possibly, but I'd say just merge it into Konq proper and put the menu in a 
location that makes more sense anyway...

But then I'm not really sure that I agree either.  Do most users really need 
to turn these features on and off so often that they should be in the menus 
by default?  Again, committing the terrible sin of using myself as an example 
-- I've never once used these switches.


If the answer is "more lawyers" then the question shouldn't have been asked.

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