Sharing emoticons themes between Kopete and Konversation.

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Fri Jan 7 14:34:30 GMT 2005


Konversation recently added support for emoticons.
They decided to use the same format for themes than kopete.

A Kopete emoticons theme is a sub directory  of
containings all the pictures, and an xml file that gives each picture an ASCII 

Konversation actualy looks there + in his own konversation dir.

IMO, we should make this more generic to don't force every program to looks in 
every programs dir.

That's why i suggest placing emoticons in  $KDEDIR/share/emoticons
is that ok ?

It's not a big change, and could be even maybe be done before KDE 3.4

And most emoticons theme should probably be placed in kdeartwork. keeping only 
the default one in kdenetwork with kopete. 

Anyway, there is a few issue with the current emoticon theme :  The theme name 
(which is actualy the name of the directory) is actualy not translatable.  
Maybe a .desktop  file is needed in this dir.

Opinions ?
Is that ok to create $KDEDIR/share/emoticons/ ?
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