System tray "close" dialog needs work

Sébastien Laoût slaout at
Wed Jan 5 21:43:51 GMT 2005

Le mer 05/01/2005 à 22:27, Jason Keirstead a écrit :
> It could be solvable. You could add a DCOP KSystemTrayInterface to KSystemTray 
> that returns a QPixmap of the system tray icon. Such a method could get the 
> icon no matter where it was on the screen, because it knows what it is.
> Returning a null QPixmap would imply that it is hidden.

It would only work for Kicker (yes, a BIG proportion of users don't use
anything else for the systray).

But it can be done, for "once more step closer to get it working in 100%
Perhapse a simple boolean return is sufficient, since we already know
what QPixmap is in the Systray icon.

Another solution could be to add that method in the Systray protocol, as
a subset of the specification.
Hopefully we could detect if the implementation supports that call
(hum... could we?) and assume the icon is not visible if the
implementation don't support it.

Is it feasable for KDE 3.4? 


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