[RFC] Security and Features in KPDF

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Jan 3 04:30:47 GMT 2005

On Sunday 02 January 2005 20:44, Tobias Koenig wrote:
> > > This is really a save solution. When the user still clicks on 'Ok' and
> > > the virus/wurm is executed... well, that's the users problem. But
> > > that's the same case as when the user clicks on an unknown email
> > > attachment. Do we forbid email attachments for this reason?
> >
> >    This is not always so safe, because not all users understand the
> > implications of a 1 character difference between two command lines, one
> > being safe, the other being devastating.
> And what's the different to a script that the user downloads from
> www.coolnewgames.com and executes it because its name is install.sh?
> We can't prevent the stupidity of some users, but we shouldn't impair
> other users by refusing features just because some single users have to
> click on every button that comes under their mouse...

  The biggest difference is that people aren't accustomed to not being able to 
trust a PDF that their application already warns about this way.  They know if 
you download an unsigned executable and run it, you risk getting a virus or 
other such problem.  I know that I wouldn't be concerned about myself running 
commands in PDFs (I know enough to just say no all the time due to the 
various risks), but I am concerned for others in general.

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