[RFC] Security and Features in KPDF

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Sun Jan 2 23:55:19 GMT 2005

On Sunday 02 January 2005 18:19, Tobias Koenig wrote:
> The main concerns are, that some bad guy could create a PDF file with
> the command 'rm -Rf /' inside I guess. This problems can be solved by
> always asking the user whether he wants to execute this application and
> showing him the full command that will be executed.
> This is really a save solution. When the user still clicks on 'Ok' and
> the virus/wurm is executed... well, that's the users problem. But that's
> the same case as when the user clicks on an unknown email attachment.
> Do we forbid email attachments for this reason?

   This is not always so safe, because not all users understand the 
implications of a 1 character difference between two command lines, one being 
safe, the other being devastating.  It is also possible to write the command 
in such a confusing manner as to make it unclear what the command is that's 
being executed as displayed in the messagebox.  Don't rely on this too 

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