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Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Sun Jan 2 19:47:38 GMT 2005

On Sunday 02 January 2005 18:31, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> On Sunday 02 January 2005 6:18 am, Andras Mantia wrote:
> > On Sunday 02 January 2005 07:59, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > > Hmm crashes for me.  Does it crash for you?  (might just be how
> > > my cvs is right now)
> >
> > Haven't tried it in the last weeks, but I will do it now. Do you
> > use Kommander CVS HEAD or from 3.3.2?
> >
> > Andras
> From head, updated last night.

I've updated today and it works. A backtrace and debug output would be 
nice if you run from the command line. Michal made some changes to 
Kommander in CVS HEAD, but that should affect mostly the editor (make 
it more KDE compatible, less Qt Designer code usage) and I'm sure he is 
very interested about the possible regressions.


> -Benjamin Meyer

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