knewstuff dialog disabled after install

Ryan p0z3r at
Sat Dec 31 07:04:04 GMT 2005

SuperKaramba utilizes KNewStuff to download themes.  When a user installs a 
theme, currently the dialog remains disabled.  This causes the user to close 
the dialog and reopen it to download another theme.

I've tracked this down enough to see the problem occurring in knewstuff libs.

void DownloadDialog::slotInstall first disables the dialog to allow the 
install to take place.  If there isn't an engine, it calls 
DownloadDialog::slotInstalled which end up reenabling the dialog.  However SK 
ends up calling the install() method, which never reenables the dialog.
I'm attaching a patch that corrects this, or I can just commit my changes.

There may be a reason that the dialog isn't reenabled after an install that 
I'm not aware.  If that's the case please let me know.

On a side note, we don't receive the success/error confirmation dialogs any 
longer.  Somehow, in void Engine::slotDownloadJobResult mIgnoreInstallResult  
is never false, even if we set it to be false in our downloadDestination.  It 
appears to work as expected for kcontrol's background wallpaper downloader, 
however they only use the generic interface instead of subclassing KNewStuff 
to do the work.

Thanks for any help on this.
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