Custom URI schemes & KDE

David Faure faure at
Fri Dec 30 21:50:25 GMT 2005

On Friday 30 December 2005 17:39, Frans Englich wrote:
> An application needs to shuffle data around and -- for internal use -- invents 
> a "data" scheme. Then the application grows and the URI scheme becomes part 
> of, say, an interface between plugins. Who knows what happens, perhaps KIO 
> gains support for the actual data scheme(RFC2397) and the mess is there.
> If that imaginary example seems like a strawman, perhaps the KMyMoney case 
> doesn't. The scheme name "sql" was decided for, which more or less begs for 
> that Oracle, IBM & Acme writes an RFC for the "sql" scheme, which then a DB 
> related class in Qt/KDE gains support for ... and then the confusion and 
> potentially technical problems are there.

Well it's not too hard to name it "kmymoney:" instead of "sql:" to avoid this.

> PS. I think "normal-looking protocol" is a weird term, 
> ",2004:KMyApplication" is a fully valid protocol. One could easily 
> use something like that with KIO.

Right, and we'll have a file named "," to
implement that kioslave? Good luck with that on Windows...
Honestly, this doesn't make sense. If you write a kioslave for something, then
it's very likely useful to more than one application, and then naming it after one
application [and a year!?] doesn't make sense anymore.

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