Slows starting of downloading with KIO

David Faure faure at
Fri Dec 30 14:53:04 GMT 2005

On Thursday 22 December 2005 17:49, Michael Brade wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 December 2005 15:00, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> > Am Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2005 13:18 schrieb David Faure:
> > > This is exactly why we implemented the cache in the client side:
> > > KDirListerCache. It's just that KIO jobs don't use it. Oh... that's
> > > another way of doing it: instead of changing the KIO job API, we could
> > > let the jobs lookup inside the KDirListerCache (which is a singleton) in
> > > order to extract the info about those URs, if it's there. No impact on
> > > the API and on konq, so this sounds like a nice solution to me :)
> yeah, almost.. kio would now use kdirlister_p.h. Ok, it's not that bad since 
> it's still not installed and exposed. But something to keep in mind.

Well, not if you add a KDirLister method like 
KFileItem* itemForURL( const KURL & ) 
for me :)
(static preferrably, but doesn't matter much)

Or I can use itemsForDir and extract the one I need; in both cases, no need
for kdirlister_p.h

> On Tuesday 20 December 2005 15:00, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> > Sounds like a nice crash source to me ;)
Don't live in the past...

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