KNotification ready ?

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Thu Dec 29 15:13:48 GMT 2005


I have a bit more worked on the KNotify deamon, and i would like to merge it 
with trunk.
The code is in branches/work/kde4_knotify

I finally moved the most of stuff in the daemon (Lubos convinced me)
I've designed the daemon to allow kind of notification plugin

And I've also made the configure widget.  But it is far from finished.  i 
didn't want to involve more time into it now, because i'm not sure KListView 
will stay like that.

I removed the event to  show a message to stderr ,  how is that usefull, as 
the message generally appears in .xsession-errors which is in general already 
flooded by debug ?
I also removed the  'show message box' option, it will be replaced by a 
persistent passive pop up.

Now a question

The config file format is a bit different.  (not so much, and it will be easy 
to make a script that convert one to the other)
Anyway, files have the same name, and if we have an installation with both 
kde3 and kde4 files,  kcontrol will show bad stuff.

For now, there is a global file (with default) $KDEDIR/share/apps/foo/eventsrc
and a local file $KDEHOME/share/config/foo.eventsrc

Should i change the naming of theses files to something better ?

I've almost reach all the objective i had.
But i also wanted to have sound themes easy to configure (like icon themes)
And i have no idea how i could do that.  Any ideas ?

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