Thomas Braxton brax108 at cox.net
Thu Dec 29 06:56:59 GMT 2005

On Thursday 29 December 2005 00:13, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Thomas Braxton wrote:
> >Int64 was already there I just changed Int -> Int32 to be more explicit
> > about it's size, and got rid of Long which was ambiguous. Anyways how
> > would you be able to tell if a single byte was an int8 or a char?
> It's up to the implementation to decide that. My point is: using (or not
> using) sizes to denote the various int types is an arbitrary decision,
> just as using one single int type.

so what do you think we should do about it? i haven't recieved any feedback on 
my post about kconfig_compiler/Int/Int32.


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