platform independent kdeinit/klauncher (was KDE4's IPC)

Jakub Stachowski stachowski at
Wed Dec 28 22:09:42 GMT 2005

Dnia środa, 28 grudnia 2005 20:36, nf2 napisał:
> Nicolas Goutte wrote:
> >On Wednesday 28 December 2005 15:58, nf2 wrote:
> >>IMHO such shortcomings should be corrected by writing new network
> >>transparency library (D-VFS, Common-VFS), perhaps before moving to
> >> KDE4...
> >
> >Well, we are in the middle of devloping for KDE4...
> I don't understand why you are pushing forward so quickly.

Because endless discussions on mailing list solve nothing. Someone has to 
actually write stuff. 

> KDE4 won't 
> fix the fundamental problem of the free desktop - which is the lack of
> *real* infrastructure

kdelibs make very nice infrastructure imho.

> (common libraries used by all applications and 
> desktops).

This is open source, you can't just order everybody to use those 'common' 
libs. For example pick GTK or Qt as 'common' toolkit and have fun convincing 
> Norbert

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