platform independent kdeinit/klauncher (was KDE4's IPC)

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Wed Dec 28 15:36:30 GMT 2005

nf2 wrote:
>I think the design of kio-slaves is problematic anyway, because
>IO-slaves are single-threaded and can't handle multiple clients at once.

This is not a problem. That's how they were designed.

Besides, they *are* multi-threaded. At least the name resolution (DNS) 
happens in a multi-threaded manner.

>Therefore real session management is not possible (i guess that's why
>KIO can not write to zip or tar archives for instance).

That's not the reason.

And I don't understand what you mean by session management. It is working 
perfectly here, so you must be referring to something else as a problem.

>To achieve real session management and caching, io-slaves should be

Nonsense. That can be accomplished quite well with multi-process 
single-threaded IOSlaves. The only drawback is that we assume that 
processes are cheap, which is not valid on Win32.

>1) Either a single daemon for all protocols,

a.k.a. "klauncher". The threads are called "kioslaves" and the simple fact 
is that they aren't threads, but full processes. There's no difference.

>2) One daemon per protocol or
>3) One daemon per remote user at server.
>IMHO such shortcomings should be corrected by writing new network
>transparency library (D-VFS, Common-VFS), perhaps before moving to
> KDE4...

I'll eagerly expect your code and patches to all ioslaves currently in 
existence in KDE.
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