Qt-DBUS (was: KDE4's IPC)

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Sun Dec 25 13:03:38 GMT 2005

Koos Vriezen wrote:
>Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> I've been running through my mind how we can accomplish the next
>> steps, after the header parsing:
>> 1) the stub
>>  - not necessary, since the Qt-DBUS bindings inspect the meta object
>> directly. We should probably just adapt it to detect the Q_SCRIPTABLE
>> tag, instead of exposing all available slots and signals.
>You mean that some app having public dbus objects, installs this in
>KDEDIE/include and users simply include it, create an object and call it

Sorry, I've mistaken stub for skeleton.

What I wrote above is for the skeleton and what I wrote below is the stub.

>> 3) the skel
>> - hardest part, I'd write it in XSL with a text output by parsing the
>> XML introspection data. The XSL could also be re-used by a
>> command-line utility like 'dcop' to list the methods in a familiar
>> way.
>> - I'd like the skels to be fully inlined classes, fully namespaced and
>> all you'd need to do is:

>I don't get this, your doing stub stuff. And that IMO would look much
>nicer as described earlier:

Yeah, it's the stub.

> #include <kde-dbus/kopete>
> KopeteStub mykopete ("org.kde.Kopete", "/org/kde/kimproxy");
> mykopete.doSomething();
>Does take the default connection, so maybe have a second ctor for that.
>I do understand that this only works for remote objects having such a
>.h/idl file and that with signal/slots it's not really necessary.
>However it does look much more c++ and catches parameter types
> mismatches at compile time. Does need a _stub.cpp of course.

I'm aiming at not needing the _stub.cpp file. Move all the code to the .h 
file and install it. As long as nothing is virtual in this stub, there 
won't be a need to make it belong to one given library.

>(For skel, now we simply declare a class based on DCOPObject and simply
> implement it like a normal class. Would be very nice to more or less
> keep this like that.)

See the other email. This is not likely to happen. You'll derive from 
QObject now.

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