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Fri Dec 23 15:42:57 GMT 2005

Thiago Macieira wrote:
>Hello All
>I'd like to get the discussion on KDE4's IPC started. I'll try to
> separate my personal opinion and preference from consensus and facts
> (I'll post my opinion in a reply shortly).

My own opinion on this matter is that we should take the extra effort and 
go all the way with DBUS.

My reasoning is as follows:
- maintaining backwards DCOP compatibility ("DCOP" in the original post) 
will probably give us a lot of headaches:
 * we cannot load KDE3 ioslaves into KDE4's kdeinit
 * we cannot load KDE3 kded modules into KDE4's kded
 * we would have to maintain the KIO-KIOSlave wire format as well as
   DCOP's (i.e., setVersion in KIO::Connection as well)
 * applications and services would be mandated to keep their current DCOP 
   public API, which was never intended to be kept in the first place
 * we have to find all uses of QDataStream in DCOP and KIO and add the 
   proper setVersion calls (can be eased with a DCOPStream helper class)

- so we end up with DCOP4, which is basically DCOP separated from KDE3's 
DCOP, but breaking backwards compatibility and fixing any shortcomings 
found along the way (the lack of versioning & handshake in the stream, 
for one thing)

- however, if we're breaking compatibility anyways, why not go all the way 
to DBUS?
 * would make us "look good" from interoperability point of view
 * would make us embrace an FD.o spec and show our support for the org
 * would ease the use of the system bus (which will be DBUS anyways), 
   which is currently used only in kded/mediamanager
 * would allow us to take the lead in DBUS development and fix its 
   shortcomings to our liking

Also, from the technical point of view, I find DBUS' wire format to be 
superior to that which we're using on DCOP. For one thing, the 
marshalling format is kept on-stream, instead of relying on each end 
knowing what they're supposed to marshall/demarshall. The drawback is 
that the format does not allow for direct one-to-one mapping of Qt and 
KDE classes.

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