Crash in KRecentFilesAction related to KURL handling

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Wed Dec 21 00:31:21 GMT 2005

Andras Mantia wrote:
> I may regret the day when I implemented the shortname feature in
>In KRecentFilesAction::addURL there is a workaround to avoid a crash,
>wheree the manipulation is done on a copy of a KURL. David (Faure)
>corrected my comment to look like this:
>     const KURL u = url; // make a copy since d->m_urls.erase( title )
>could destroy the KURL that "url" references

I was looking at that code today.

What happens is that the const KURL& url argument was extracted from the 
d->m_urls list itself. That means it is invalidated when the erase method 
is called.

>Unfortunately it doesn't seem to help and now I'm clueless. The code in
>this method looks correct, still it corrupts KURL. Later down in the
>same method there is a line:
>    d->m_urls.insert( title, u );
>After this line the "url" is corrupted.

Indeed. You're not supposed to use "url" at all after the erase call 

>"url" is passed as "const KURL& 
>url", those it is corrupted also in the method where it might be used,
>so the crash can happen anytime after a KRecentFilesAction::addURL call
>where the url argument is used.
>Does anyone have a clue what can happen here? I may try valgrind if it
>works on x86_64, but only with addrcheck.

I think it is now fixed. David fix it a week ago. I came up with a similar 
solution today and only found out about David's fix when I tried to 
commit and got an error of out-of-date sources.

The point is: addURL modifies the d->m_urls list. Therefore, one should 
not keep references to elements in the list accross calls to addURL. That 
is all.
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