KConfigBase & TODO

David Faure faure at kde.org
Tue Dec 20 19:08:22 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 19:29, Thomas Braxton wrote:
> On Sunday 18 December 2005 17:13, Thomas Braxton wrote:
> > You can download  a new diff @
> > http://members.cox.net/brax108/KConfig/diff
> Has anyone had a look at this? I haven't seen any comments, can I commit? It's 
> kind of a big diff, I don't want to commit without feedback.

To me it looks fine.
An obvious question is: does the rest of kdelibs compile with this change?
(if not, please port it so that it does).

This kind of change in the test program isn't necessary anymore, right?
-  QCOMPARE( sc2.readEntry( "stringEntry2", "bla" ), QString( "bla" ) );
+  QCOMPARE( sc2.readEntry( "stringEntry2", QString("bla") ), QString( "bla" ) );
Speaking about the test program it still uses readByteArrayListEntry,
it's probably fine to test the deprecated methods while they are there,
but it would be good to add a test for the QVariant variant :)

Please don't forget to add an entry to KDE4PORTING.html too.

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