--enable-debug is not useful...

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Tue Dec 20 18:07:26 GMT 2005


 After the discussion about what flags are useful when for a developer, 
I switched to --enable-debug from --enable-debug=full. Unfortunately it 
was a bad move as now debugging in GDB (KDevelop) is very broken. The 
sympthoms are that if I put a breakpoint somewhere at the beginning of 
a method, the application stops there, but when stepping over, it will 
jump back to the beginning of the method again, like if the method 
would have been called once again. Very confusing.
 It also happened that it did not want to step into a method.

I'm writing this mail to warn other developers about the possible 
problems. Until this is solved in gcc, gdb or in the flags for 
--enable-debug, I just suggest to you --enable-debug=full when 
debugging, but try an otpimized build as well to see the possible extra 


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