Slows starting of downloading with KIO

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Tue Dec 20 11:52:09 GMT 2005

David Faure wrote:
>Ah! That is true, and that's a direction I like, much more than
> complexifying the CopyJob algorithm even more to cheat on the progress
> info somehow.
>The problem is that the KIO job methods (e.g. KIO::copy()) take a KURL
>or a KURL::List, which loses the information that we might already have
> about those urls. The solution would be to add methods that take
> KFileItems, and that extract from those fileitems the data that CopyJob
> would get in the stat'ing phase anyway, in order to skip that phase.

How about if the ioslave cached this information?

Take, for example, ncftp: it does that. If you try to tab-complete, it'll 
list the dir and get the completions. If you ls/dir, it'll cache the 
hierarchy for further completions.

The only problems here are:
1) cache-invalidation a.k.a. refreshing
2) duplication of information in Konqueror and in the ioslave

Does Konqueror set the cache meta-data when Reload is pressed in the list 
and icon view modes?
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