[Kde-cvs-announce] Message freeze for KDE 3.5

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Mon Dec 19 13:33:21 GMT 2005

On Monday 19 December 2005 06:30, you wrote:
> Hi!
> After some discussion on the translators mailing list without too much
> attention I decided (and seen no objections) that we will lift the message
> freeze for the KDE 3.5 branch till december 29th.
> This does not mean, you can commit new GUI strings to your own liking,
> but typo fixes and minor changes are allowed (if in doubt, contact
> kde-i18n-doc at kde.org with the changes you want to do).
> We will also remove the docu freeze for KDE 3.5 for this time frame with
> the intention to give unfrozen documentation for stable releases a try.
> Depending on the outcome of this little experiment, we might have more
> defined message freeze outages in the future.

For clarification, does the removal of the documentation freeze mean that we 
can add new documentation or only fix typos and make minor changes?

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