KConfigBase & TODO

David Faure faure at kde.org
Tue Dec 13 08:57:54 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 13 December 2005 09:22, Thomas Braxton wrote:
> The TODO file has this entry
> - KConfigBase: For all the read*Entry methods that take a QFont *, QPoint *,
>   QSize *, etc. for the default value, add overloads that use a const
>   reference, so that one can write
>   resize( config->readSizeEntry( "Bleh", size() ); for example. Constructing a
>   null QFont/QPoint/QSize is cheap enough to justify a consistent and usable
>   API (IMHO) .
>   Keep source compatibility.
> I was wondering if this patch is correct and if so should I remove the item 
> from the TODO file or just mark it as done when I commit?

Well, there was this other thread where it was said that we should clean up that
API and use only QVariant.
 resize( config->readSizeEntry( "Bleh", size() ) );
would become
 resize( config->readEntry( "Bleh", size() ).toSize() );

but the KConfigBase API would be very much simpler.
(And I withdraw my comment about speed, kconfig isn't as much used in
tight loops as e.g. KIO::UDSEntry is).

Maybe we can do this progressively, with a readVariantEntry, marking the
existing methods as deprecated, and then when most code has been ported
to readVariantEntry, we can just s/readEntry/readVariantEntry/ everywhere.

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