qt-copy and kde4 not compiling

Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Mon Dec 12 13:38:12 GMT 2005


I wanted to start hacking on KDE 4 again but I can't compile kdelibs with Qt 
4.1.0 from qt-copy. uic3 creates code that doesn't work with Qt 4.1:

compiling build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.os
./build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.h: In member function 'void 
./build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.h:58: error: invalid conversion from 
'QButtonGroup*' to 'int'
./build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.h:58: error:   initializing argument 1 
of 'QGridLayout::QGridLayout(int, int, int, const char*)'
./build/kdeui/kshortcutdialog_advanced.h:62: error: no matching function for 
call to 'QRadioButton::QRadioButton(QButtonGroup*&)'
/opt/qt-4.1/include/QtGui/qradiobutton.h:56: note: candidates are: 
QRadioButton::QRadioButton(const QRadioButton&)


How can I fix this?

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