Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Fri Dec 9 12:35:27 GMT 2005

On Thursday 08 December 2005 16:15, George Staikos wrote:
>   The UI issues with this constantly drive me crazy.  Because of the
> button order issue, when I run FireFox, I often cancel dialogs I meant
> to save/Ok. Wonderful.  So consider that we switch the button order
> per-desktop.  Now we have a case where not just a few easily
> recognizable applications, but -all- applications, which look the same,
> on a different computer, will happen to have the buttons flipped.
>  Muscle-memory will have me clicking on the wrong thing all the time
> when I use a different computer.  So I don't just dislike the process,
> I dislike the concept altogether. :)

Hi George,

I feel your pain; I absolutely hate it that this is not a universal 
standard.  This is one of those things that would work better without 
We are here, this is a problem now.  Changing the way things work on the 
Gnome side, or even on the MacOS side is quite an impossible feat, you 
will surely agree.
So, assuming your post is not meant to just put out a complaint in 
general, the best solution IMOHO is to make sure your computer adjusts to 
you instead of the other way around.

Using the concept of configure per user-account, you can roam to all 
desktop environments that support this XSettings thing and use your 

I'm sure you'll agree that making it globally configurable is the best 
solution just after changing the habits of all the people that are used 
to doing it differently from what you are used to.

Thomas Zander
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