Why KOrganizer is unusably slow in 3.5?

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Dec 6 19:17:24 GMT 2005

I sent this to kde-pim@ and no response, so let's try here.  KOrganizer in 3.5 
is completely unusable for me.  I have seen others using it without problem 
so it must be something special about my setup.  I use 3.5 branch, and this 
is a relatively new thing to happen.  Basically any operation in KOrganizer 
is very very slow.  Changing month, etc...  Even opening KOrganizer takes 
20-30 seconds sometimes!  Here is what happens when I strace opening 
KOrganizer from within kontact for the first time:

$ grep "^open" korg.strace | grep kdeglobals | wc -l


$ grep "^open" korg.strace |wc -l

Most of those files are KConfig files.  This doesn't count the thousands of 
stat()s and other issues.  Anyone know why this is happening?  I'd fix it if 
I knew where to look.  I'm assuming that this is the cause of the slowness 
since disk usage is very heavy at the same time, but for all I know it might 
be just one of multiple issues.

George Staikos
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